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Perfect Brainstorming

A Team-Based Creative Thinking Technique


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Vadim Kotelnikov

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The Tao of Effective Brainstorming

  1. YANG (active, aggressive side). Divergent thinking phase: attacking the problem with a lot of new, often wild ideas

  2. YIN (passive, accepting side). Convergent thinking phase: analyzing and evaluating the proposed solutions and arriving at the best conclusion.

Three Parts of the Brainstorming Session

  1. Problem identification

  2. Idea generation

  3. Idea selection



How To Run a Brainstorming Session

  • Define the problem. And start brainstorming, "Wouldn't it be great if..."

  • Clarify the objective.

  • Have a brief warm-up session, using a common problem or object

  • Brainstorm as many ideas as possible in a short time-frame. Encourage cross-fertilization. Allow time for silent reflection. When the group seems to have exhausted its ideas, ask them for ten more. Record and display all ideas. Make sure that no critical remarks are made.

  • Ask the group to identify any assumptions they hold.

  • Establish criteria for selecting the feasible ideas.

  • Choose the best idea.

  • Evaluate the idea you chose. Reverse brainstorm to identify the failure risks, or use the Six Thinking Hats tool for a more complete analysis.


Why Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is the best-known and widely used team-based creative problem solving and creative thinking technique. One major reason why brainstorming is useful is that it helps to free us from 'fixed ideas'.

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10 Brainstorming Rules

  1. Set directions. Describe the situation and define the problem. Help people to understand the problem to be solved and clarify the objectives.

  2. Involve everyone. Encourage everyone to contribute. Celebrate diversity.

  3. Encourage cross-fertilization. Build on each other. Let others' ideas take you somewhere else. Combine, synergize, and improve upon ideas... More

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